Committee Under the Board of Commissioners

In order to support the effective implementation of duties and responsibilities, the Board of Commissioners establish 3 committees, such as Risk Monitoring Committee, Audit Committee, and Remuneration and Nomination Committee. These Committees are carrying out its functions and duties independently, in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations, Establishment and Implementation Guidelines for the Audit Committee Works and Articles of Association of the Bank.


Risk Monitoring Committee
Chairman Zainal Abidin Hasni (Independent Commissioner)
Member Haifan Yahya
Member Syahril Majidi


Audit Committee
Chairman : Ratna Heimawaty Zain
Member : Simon Hariyanto
Member : Haifan Yahya


Remuneration and Nomination Committee
Chairman Zainal Abidin Hasni (Independent Commissioner)
Member Navin Nahata
Member Ratna Julian Sahlan




Remuneration and Nomination Committee - Amar Bank

Internal Audit Charter - Amar Bank

Audit Committee Charter - Amar Bank