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Privacy Policy

PT Bank Amar Indonesia Tbk (hereinafter referred to as "We") has established this Privacy Policy to help Users make clear decisions about the use of service products that we provide (hereinafter referred to as "Services") through the following sites and their derivative sites, as well as applications Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”):

  3. Tunaiku Android and iOS applications
  4. Amar Bank Digital android and iOS applications
  5. Amar Bank Business application and website
  6. Other sites/applications produced by Bank Amar which are used to carry out processes related to Bank services

If Users do not agree with Our practices, please do not use the Services. This Privacy Policy covers the treatment of User information, including personally identifiable information and other information received when users use the Services.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the activities/practices of companies that are not affiliated and/or controlled by Us and to individuals who do not collaborate with or be led by Us, including but not limited to third parties to whom We may disclose user information because we have previously cooperated with us, as also set out in this Privacy Policy.

We recognize how important it is to protect and manage the information you share. We use protections such as firewalls, encrypted data, and TLS (Transport Layer Security), implement physical access controls in our Data Center and files, and we only provide access to employees who need it to fulfill job responsibilities. When Users share data with Us via the Site, the information is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Our security systems meet industry standards and we continually monitor internet developments to ensure our systems develop as necessary.

Please note that when you use the Services there may be various links to other websites provided for your convenience. However, we are not responsible for the personal information management policies on these sites. This policy is only intended and applied to Our Services. We strongly encourage you to always review and study the personal information management policies on these sites before providing your personal information.

By clicking or by downloading, installing, activating or using the Service, the User has agreed to and will be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy. If Users have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, they can contact us via


Information Collected and Stored

We collect and store User data with the aim of expediting the process of providing, maintaining and repairing Services as well as other purposes permitted by applicable laws and regulations. The types of data and information that we collect and store are

  • User ID. When a User applies for a loan through the Service, We ask the User to provide personal information: such as name, email, telephone number, KTP number which will then be used as a User ID.
  • Submission Information. When a User applies for a loan through the Service, the User will fill in a form in the form of ID card information, demographic information and cost of living, employment information, relative information, bank information in the form of data about account numbers and bank names as well as residential address information.
  • Usage Information. We also collect information about how Users use the Services, including how Users view and interact with content, the parts of the Services that Users use, the information that Users search for, the content that Users view, and the actions that Users take.
  • Third Party Information. We collect User data and information through Third Party data sources used in the process of providing Services.
  • Log Data. When Users use the Service, We will automatically record information regarding User usage ("Log Data"). This Log Data may contain information such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the Users computer or mobile device, browser type, the web page that the User visited before entering the Site, the pages of the Site that the User visited, time and date of access, application installation reference data and other statistics .
  • Mobile Device Information. When Users use the Services, We will only collect information in accordance with the consent and permission that Users have provided in compliance with the Google Play Developer Policies policy. The following are access permissions and data that we will collect first by obtaining approval and permission:
    • ACCOUNT (Account Permission), we will access the email account information and identity name on your device.
    • APPLICATION (Application Permissions), we read the applications on your device, the version used, the features in the application, the time of application use, the last time the Application was updated, the permissions requested from certain applications, activity statistics and frequency of use of certain Applications.
    • CALENDAR (Calendar Permission), we read the information data in the calendar, event date, event description, parties who will come to the event, and duration of the event, add and change events in the calendar.
    • CONTACT (Contact Permission), we will read the number of contacts you have, the last time you contacted a particular contact, the name of the contact on your device and process your contact data.
    • DEVICE (Device Permission), we will filter information about the device you use related to brand, display, hardware, display, hardware system version, display, operating system version, Software Development Kit (SDK) version, emulator usage, and root status .
    • EMAIL (Email Permission), we will scan your email data, how many incoming and unread emails.
    • GALLERY (Gallery Permission), we will scan the data in your gallery using either internal memory or external memory in the form of audio, video or image formats as well as the number of file sizes and file storage locations in the gallery.
    • GENERAL DATA (General Data Permission), we will read Google advertising ID data from the Tunaiku Application, advertising limiter, Android type, your device type, language, country, time zone and the type of keyboard you use.
    • HARDWARE (Hardware Permission), we will scan the hardware data you use such as WIFI specifications on your device, your bluetooth specifications, display resolution, battery specifications and total RAM in your device.
    • IMAGE LOCATION (Photo Permission), we will read the photo data on your device and the location where the photo was taken.
    • NETWORK (Network Permission), we will read the network data and mobile operator you use, the bluetooth data your device uses, the WIFI network you use.
    • NOTIFICATION (Notification Permission), we will read notifications from applications that enter your device, notification content.
    • SETTING (Setting Permission), we will access information related to the settings on your device such as, automatic time zone, WIFI settings, Bluetooth network, airplane mode, and incoming call tone mode.
    • SMS (SMS Permission), we will scan the verification code that enters your device when you want to log in to the Service.
    • STORAGE (Storage Media Permission), we read and process your storage data such as applications installed on your device, data in the form of mp3, mp4, txt, or in other forms, the total memory used by the application, and the total memory used in storage internal and external.
  • Surveys and Promotions. From time to time, We may provide Users with the opportunity to participate in surveys, promotions, contests or sweepstakes through the Services. If the User participates, We may request certain additional information from the User.
  • Conversation Recorded Information. We record and/or monitor telephone calls, chats and virtual face-to-face activities from/to Users for quality checks and staff training. These records can also be used to help us identify and combat fraudulent acts.
  • Checking and Withdrawing from the Financial Information Services System (SLIK). The User agrees that We can check and withdraw SLIK in connection with the loan application made by the User.


Use of User Information

We will use all or part of the data that has been collected and stored from Users as mentioned in the previous section for the following:

  • We use Submission Information, User ID, Device ID, Service Usage, SMS and Surveys and Promotions to provide and improve the performance of the Service, develop new offers and enhance and personalize the Users experience in using the Service.
  • We use Submission information, User ID, Third Party Data, Log Data, and Mobile Device for the purposes of assessment, risk analysis and approval decisions for Service applications.
  • We use Mobile Device Information for the following purposes:
    • ACCOUNT (Account Permission), to prevent fraudulent activity.
    • APPLICATION (Application Permission), to determine your behavior in using applications on your device and for credit score calculations.
    • CALENDAR (Calendar Permission), to inform you of due dates for installments and installments by reading information from the calendar, adding and changing event in the calendar related to the smooth payment process and for the purposes of credit assessment and approval decisions for Service applications.
    • CONTACT (Contact Permission), for the purposes of calculating credit scores, credit assessments and approval decisions for Service applications.
    • DEVICE (Device Permissions), to classify our App users on specific devices, preventing fraud and for credit score calculations.
    • EMAIL (Email Permission), to find out your behavioral patterns in using email and convert it into statistical data used for credit score calculations.
    • GALLERY (Gallery Permit), to process it statistically and use it as a basis for calculating credit scores.
    • GENERAL DATA (General Data Permission), to find out how you interact with our Application.
    • HARDWARE (Hardware Permit), to find out the segmentation of our Application users and we convert it into statistical data and use it as a credit score calculation.
    • IMAGE LOCATION (Photo Permission), to find out your location when submitting a loan application and to prevent fraudulent activities.
    • NETWORK (Network Permission), to find out details of the network you are using and for credit score calculation purposes.
    • NOTIFICATION (Notification Permission), to find out your segmentation behavior and behavior based on notification data on your device and for credit score calculations.
    • SETTING (Setting Permission), to be processed statistically and used for credit score calculations.
    • SMS (SMS Permission), to read the verification code sent via SMS and speed up the registration process.
    • STORAGE (Storage Media Permission), to determine your behavior in using the device and for credit assessment purposes and approval decisions for Service application
  • Furthermore, we may use all or part of the data that has been obtained and collected from Users as mentioned in the previous section for the following:
    • Create or assist in the Service approval process
    • Providing information to independent third parties such as government agencies for reporting processes or administrative obligations
    • Carry out all operational obligations, such as supervising and analyzing the Services and carrying out audit functions
    • Correspond with Users via electronic mail, SMS, letters, telephone calls or field visits
    • Collaborate with third parties to carry out data processing which includes obtaining, collecting, processing, analyzing, storing, displaying, announcing, sending, disseminating, disclosing, deleting and destroying personal data;
    • To identify, detect and prevent fraud, money laundering, terrorism and other criminal activities; or
    • Finding out the Users whereabouts as an effort to recover the Users debt to Us
  • Data Storage. We are committed to collecting, processing and storing your personal data with the best possible protection for as long as necessary to provide this Service. Some of your personal data may also be managed, processed and stored by third parties who collaborate with us both in Indonesia and outside Indonesia in order to maintain the performance of the Service while complying with obligations regarding access and effective supervision in accordance with applicable law. We will retain personal data as stated in this Privacy Policy for a minimum period of 5 (five years) and/or in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, or special business needs.Personal data may be retained for purposes including but not limited to auditing, regulatory compliance, legal processes, fraud prevention, credit assessment, and money laundering prevention. 
  • Data Repair. In the event that you find that errors are displayed regarding your personal data due to inaccuracies or not updating your personal data, then you can ask us to correct and/or update your personal data which is under our management, by contacting the communication channels available based on this Privacy Policy. Users are encouraged to take an active role in ensuring the accuracy and updating of your data from time to time.
  • Erasure and Destruction of Data. In accordance with applicable legal regulations, at your request/request, We can delete (right to erasure) and/or destroy your personal data from the system (right to delisting) so that the data no longer identifies you, except in the case of: (i) If we need to retain personal data to fulfill legal, tax, audit and accounting obligations; and/or (ii) for the purposes of destroying personal data from the system (right to delisting), a court order is required by you so that we can destroy your irrelevant personal information and data from the system.


Shared Information

We guarantee that there will be no sale, transfer, distribution or loan of Users personal data or information, without the permission of the User, with the exception of:

  • Business groups and parties related to us
  • Companies, organizations or parties that We use to help run our business, for example to collect payments and recover debts or to provide Services on Our behalf
  • The company, organization or person that provides us or we provide products and/or services, such as the payment system that we use
  • The party who reveals themselves and we believe to be a parent, partner, relative or helper who helps the User if the User is unable to handle the Users affairs for some reason
  • Third Parties to whom We sell or transfer (or enter into negotiations to sell or transfer) Our business and Our rights or obligations. If when such a transfer or sale occurs, the recipient of the transfer or buyer can use the Users personal information in the same way as Us
  • Government agencies, including Bank Indonesia, the Financial Services Authority and the Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis, where we are regulated by regulations and legislation and are required to provide information periodically, as well as other agencies in accordance with applicable law
  • Third parties that we deem appropriate in our discretion to develop or expand the Services through methods regulated and permitted by the regulations and laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

We carefully select each party with whom we share data. All Service providers are bound by contract to maintain the security of Users personal information and use it only as permitted by Us.

The confidentiality of your personal data is the most important thing for us. We will use our best efforts to protect and secure your personal data from access, collection, processing, analysis, storage, disclosure, correction and deletion by unauthorized parties. However, the transmission of personal data through the Service is not completely secure. Although we will do our best to protect your personal data, you acknowledge that we cannot guarantee the integrity and accuracy of any personal data you transmit via the Service, or guarantee that such personal data will not be intercepted, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed by unauthorized third parties, due to factors beyond our control. In the event that illegal access and activities regarding the confidentiality of your personal data occur and are beyond our control, we will notify you at the first opportunity so that you can reduce the risks arising from this. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your detailed data, including username, password, email and OTP with anyone and must always maintain and be responsible for the security of the device you use.

KThis Privacy Policy may be changed and/or updated from time to time. We recommend that you read carefully and check this page from time to time for any changes. By clicking agree, or if you continue to access and use this Service after notification of updates from us, you are deemed to have agreed to the changes to this Privacy Policy (if any)