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Customer Complaint Procedure


1. Procedures for Service/Handling Customer Complaints by the Bank

PT Bank Amar Indonesia Tbk (“Bank”) always complies with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations by providing facilities and access to customer complaints such as special channels and units dedicated to serving the Banks products and services, so that it is hoped that service and resolution of customer complaints can be more focused and resolved well and quickly. 

Where this unit can help customers include:

    • Providing information services to Customers and/or (Prospective) Customers;
    • Answer questions from customers and/or (potential) customers;
    • Receive and record Customer complaints;
    • Providing early stage solutions to customer problems;
    • Escalating and coordinating with the Banks product units; 
    • Providing information to customers regarding monitoring the current status of the handling process;
    • Educate customer.


1.1 Submission of Complaints to the Bank

Submission of complaints to the Bank can only be made by the Customer or Customer Representative acting for and on behalf of the Customer regarding the Banks products or services. Complaints can be submitted in several ways, namely as follows:

1.1.1 Orally:

Customers can contact the Banks Non-Operational Office at (031) 9901-5959. This service is served according to the Banks Non-Operational Office hours, namely 5 working days from 08.00 to 16.00 a week.

Oral complaints from customers will be handled and resolved within the SLA that has been determined from the date the complaint is received. If the complaint submitted by the Customer requires supporting documents so that the Bank can handle and resolve it properly, the Bank will inform the Customer to submit the complaint in writing.

1.1.2 Writing:

      • Customer can send an email to submit a complaint to the Amar Bank email address at;
      • Apart from that, for Bank products with Digital Services, Customers can also directly access the product website to obtain information to connect and receive treatment from the Bank by accessing the website address as follows :
        No Produk Informasi
        1. Tunaiku
        2.  Amar Bank Retail

      •  Customer can submit complaints by letter to the following address:

To: Non-Operational Head Office

PT Bank Amar Indonesia Tbk

Jl. Basuki Rahmat No. 109, Surabaya

Jawa Timur.

      • Customer can visit the nearest Bank branch office and submit complaints via Customer Service.


2. Procedures for Customer Complaint by Parties Outside the Bank in accordance with Legislative Provision

Customer can submit complaints through the Financial Services Authority (OJK) system, namely the Consumer Protection Portal Application (APPK).

2.1. Where this system functions, among other things:

2.1.1 Receive inquiries regarding product/service of Financial Service Business.

2.1.2 Receive information or report to OJK.

2.1.3 Complaint as a consumer in the financial services sector.

2.2. If the complaint is submitted in writing, the Customer and/or Customer Representative must attach a photocopy of identity and other supporting document, including the following:

2.2.1. Special Power of Attorney in the event that the Customer delegates the complaint process to the Customer Representative;

2.2.2. Type and date of financial transaction;

2.2.3. The problem being complained about.As well as other things that are required

2.3. Written complaints will be handled and resolved in accordance with the SLA regulated in the APPK from the date of receipt of the complaint and in certain conditions where completeness of documents is required, this can be extended up to the SLA regulated in the APPK.


3. Resolution of Problem Complaint

As per the Banks Customer Complaint Service/Handling Procedure, all forms of customer complaints/complaints will always be handled properly by the Bank based on the type of problem and will be investigated. So that if there is a difference of opinion or dispute regarding the policies conveyed by the Bank, the Bank will try to resolve it properly based on the regulations.

However, if the Customer feels that the settlement solution provided by the Bank does not meet expectations, the Customer can consider the process of resolving the complaint through court or outside court.

Dispute resolution outside of court can be carried out through the Financial Services Authority/Bank Indonesia/Alternative Dispute Resolution Institutions contained in the List of Alternative Dispute Resolution Institutions determined by the Financial Services Authority in accordance with applicable statutory provisions.

LAPS SJK regulations can be downloaded at:

Thus, the Banks Customer Complaint Procedure is presented as part of the Banks transparency and seriousness in providing services/products to customer.