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Information on prime lending rate for Desember 2019

January 3, 2020


Prime Lending Rate


Periode: 31 December 2019

(effective% per year)
  The Component Prime Lending Rate
Based on Business Segments
Corporate Credit Retail Credit Micro Credit Consumer Credit
  Prime Lending Rate 10.00 11.00 17.00 13.00 13.00


      a. The Prime Lending Rate (SBDK) is used as the basis for determining the loan interest rates to be charged by the Bank to                               customers. Prime lending rate does not take into account the estimated risk premium component, the amount of which depends on                the Bank's assessment of the risk of each debtor or group of debtors. Therefore, the amount of credit interest rates charged to                        debtors is not necessarily the same as the prime lending rate.

      b. The Non-Consumable Consumer Loans do not include the provision of funds through Credit Cards and Unsecured Loans (KTA).

      c. Information on the prime lending rate at any time can be seen in publications at every bank office and/or bank website.