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PT. Bank Amar Indonesia Tbk : Announcement of Credit Relief

April 1, 2020

As a form of Bank Amar's support for POJK 11/POJK.03/2020 regarding the National Stimulus Policy, which is given to MSME’s Debtor, we announce the following information:

  1. Bank Amar will take in to consideration of restructuring credit for Debtors affected by COVID-19 by considering supporting documents and according to the assessment of Bank. For Debtors who do not meet terms and conditions, kindly to continue payment obligations according to the agreed maturity date.
  2. In accordance with the regulations, consideration of credit restructuring is adjusted to the conditions & type of business of the Debtor (Debtor Profile), and can be approved if there is an agreement between Debtor and Bank Amar.

For further information, kindly contact our Account Officer who has been serving you or contact Bank Amar Call Center number at (021) 4000-5859.

Thus we convey this information, thank you for your attention.

Bank Amar Management